Out of Scope Topics
    Out of Scope Topics

    Out of Scope Topics

    Excludes: (These issues are not reflected in the Incentive Robot.)

    Information on the Strategic Investment and Technology Oriented Industrial Move Program is not reflected in the table.

    Among the priority investment issues;

    1) Test centers, wind tunnel and investments of this nature (for automotive, space or defense industry).

    2) International fair investments with a closed area of ​​at least fifty thousand square meters (excluding accommodation and shopping center units).

    3) Investments for the production of products or parts developed as a result of R&D Projects supported by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, TUBITAK and KOSGEB

    4) Excluding the "Investments that will not be Incentived" in ANNEX-4 of the Council of Ministers' Decision, based on the project approval of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, it will be carried out in existing manufacturing industry facilities with an annual energy consumption of at least 500 TEP (tons equivalent of petroleum). Investments in energy efficiency that provide at least 15 percent energy savings, depending on the situation.

    5) Investments in turbine and generator manufacturing for Renewable Energy investment and blade manufacturing investments used in wind energy generation.

    From regional investment issues;

    1) Specialized investments to be made in Specialized Organized Industrial Zones announced by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, excluding Istanbul province, benefit from regional supports even if they are not among the selected sectors in the relevant region.

    2) Logistics investments, with the exception of vehicles with propulsion characteristics, benefit from regional supports applied in the region where they are located.

    3) Residential heating/cooling investments with geothermal energy or waste heat from power plants benefit from the regional supports applied in the region.

    4) Regional investments to be made in more than one region benefit from the support of relatively more developed regions.

    From the investment issues that will not be encouraged;

    1) Satellite, radio, cable, etc. In service investments that combine communication, radio, television and data signals coming from communication media and transmit them to the final consumer in a single package, the investment goods used by the final service recipients are not benefited from the support elements.

    2) Public institutions and organizations, municipalities, special provincial administrations, unions, cooperatives, etc. Investments to be made by organizations in their fields of duty can be evaluated on a project basis and an incentive certificate can be issued.